Did the pre wipe events mean anything?

The pre wipe events were amazing, it added so much depth to the game, all the bosses meeting up, discussing the underground Lab, infiltrating it and taking meds and helping sanitar create a new stim – the secure containers being opened, the fog and fence awaiting a “special package” and even the new “Tarbank crypto currency”

Did any of this mean anything? It added so much lore and fun story behind Cryptic messages from BSG it really felt like we were living in tarkov for two weeks before wipe.. now? Nothing?

I feel like it could have added so much depth, or new mechanics to the game. Even some fun interactions like Gluhar has a 10% chance to spawn on labs more kitted than ever, or maybe Sanitar could still have a chance to use the OP stim and charge at you with 2000 HP.. or you find him dead from taking that “chance” with the stim

Even something so ridiculous that if you die to a boss, you loose all meds ammo and mags out of your container ( not keys, that’s unfair )

I really hope this wipe we get more small events like this, that aren’t “prewipe” that can add some lore and introduce new mechanics and add some depth again because those two weeks were the most fun I have had in a video game in years !

P.S is the stim even in game still with the 20% chance to die?

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