Difficulty spikes, what am I supposed to do?

How to build a large and tall house in Valheim

Hey everyone! Really enjoying the game so far!

I keep running into an issue where the game is ramping up in difficulty though, could anyone help me out? I've listed a few of my concerns below:

  • Weather keeps changing? Not sure what's happening here but it's just ridiculous to include changing weather that impacts the overall world. I can't see my builds and the rain is just nasty to look at. I shouldn't have to experience this part of the game
  • Mobs are attacking me? I play pretty passively but the game is forcing me to create a weapon and fight these mobs. That's too much and I really wish there was some way around that aspect of the game. It's very annoying that I keep needing to repair and disrupt my gaming experience because mobs attack me.
  • Bosses? I think I accidentally spawned the last boss, with lightning and stuff it chases you around? Could the devs have a bigger warning or maybe a sign that pops up before summoning the bosses? I'd appreciate it because this is NOT part of the gameplay experience I signed up for. I can't even approach my first base next to the cool stone circle thing anymore.
  • Day/night cycle, what the heck? Spawn rates at night are too much, it's time to sleep not fight. My Viking suffers from insomnia and it would be nice if mobs didn't spawn in the meadows, black forest, or plains biome at night. The meadows should only have the passive mobs, a black forest wouldn't have any light to see anything so it's unrealistic the greydwarves would spawn. Mountains would be too cold so nothing comes up. Loads of in game reasoning to fit with the game experience I'm looking for.
  • Speaking of other biomes, can we make them a bit more accessible to people who aren't a fan of combat or gathering? I just want to explore the mountains but you're forcing me to mine for iron and make bronze out of multiple materials. I just don't understand when I'm supposed to find the time to do this in the game. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to experience the full game when I'm stuck making copper or bringing iron back to my base just to explore these neat biomes.

As a father of 4 who logs on several times a day for 5-10 minutes I would really appreciate it if the devs could add some sort of easy mode without:

  • Weather
  • hostile mobs
  • spawning mobs near structures, I just want to explore this cool game you all made
  • day/night cycle because of the increased mobs and visibility difficulty
  • armor and weapon progress, I think this is unnecessary and not something worth exploring
  • sailing? Could we add a motor or something and a portable portal to shove our boat through? I love sailing but I absolutely HATE sailing to my base. Just something I can build in the ocean that ports me to my base and automatically sorts everything in my ship into its respective chest!

I really enjoy Minecraft and the easy version of Rimworld, looking for something that offers the same experience and level of autonomy these games offer. Please change the game to be more accessible for those of us looking for a fun Viking experience

Thanks Devs!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/qpjhv4/difficulty_spikes_what_am_i_supposed_to_do/

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