Dimun Warship

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Been playing around with this card a bit as it seems like in a vacuum at least to be such a strong bronze. 4provisions that can play for 12p in optimum circumstances down to a floor of 4p means it's a crazy conditional but potentially very strong card. I think given the right support in future sets it could really break into the meta.

So far I've been messing around with it in a fairly standard ish warriors list with decent results (at ranks 1-3 anyway). The thinking I've had is to essentially rig the pulls it can get by playing it only alongside the powerful warrior/pirate hybrid cards rather than in a full pirate list. This means you're not running into consistency issues with other boats and raiding fleet as well as avoiding pulling sub-par pirates.

I'm not claiming it's strong right now as it's definitely getting carried by an overall strong faction and set of cards but it's interesting nonetheless. Seems to play often as a cheaper but much more variable version of Drakkar with cards like Priest or other self-wound.

Can also trade insanely favourably into some cards that are in the meta right now. e.g it turns Incinerating Trap from a 5point play into a like -3 point play pulling raiders or invaders. Also gives SK a nice pro-active R3 play that can't just be answered back with removal.

It's definitely an interesting new card for Skellige anyway.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/m6b9nl/dimun_warship/

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