Disappointment of a newbie

Well i'm a newbie in ED (60h)
I've recently buyed a Dolphin ship at 1million (my biggest purchase)
I've decided to take a passenger contract at 4 millions.

I was pretty suprised when I saw I Have to travel from one border to another of the bubble, and it took me hours.

For 4 millions it was fair and I knew I have to do it.
And in the last travel, my passenger started to be impatient, and in the middle of the this travel he just dicided to cancel the contact.

So I've lost hours, time, money (fuel), facing against pirates and this guy just decided to cancel the contract like that ?

As you can see i'm pretty furious, because the time I've lost was to go to the toilets, refuel, eat and sleep (by turning off my game)

Edit : Thank you for your replies, tips, etc
I've learned this lesson and I will of course continue to play elite (I've earned 1.7 millions by selling my data to universal cartographics XD)

07 cmdrs

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