Discount carrier math

When I heard we're getting carrier interiors, I set myself the goal of getting a fleet carrier by December. The sweet discount on the horizon has made me consider moving up my target date a bit.

Assuming the Alcor CG can hit tier 5, which seems 50/50 right now, but I'm hopeful: would that mean carriers and modules will be selling for 3.5GCr between 15-21/22 October?

I'm currently about 1GCr short, but that's only because I haven't really bothered trying to grind credits before this week, and generally do fun stuff over profitable stuff. I'm earning around 100MCr/h on the Alcor CG and can easily make the same stacking massacre missions if I want, though.

Would 3.7GCr be enough to scrape by and get a carrier assuming Tier 5 in the CG? I'm not stopping the grind after that; just want to set a minimum target to hit before the deadline so I don't miss out on the savings.

Any advice or better ideas than CG and massacre stacking for reaching this goal?

Thanks in advance!


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