Discussing Zoo heroes in patch 7.29

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My initial thoughts on micro heroes which i want to discuss :

Beastmaster and lycan : both are really hurt without the necro…. It is really a stupid lazy move to straight up delete it and barely made helm playable ( in terms of cost and actually finding the good ancient)… In theory rush helm 2 might be good on lycan but not on beast.

LD: good shard buff but still generally not that great of a hero except in certain match ups.

Brood: didn't test it yet but people will always hate last pick brood

Chen : a global mek KEKW RIP

Visage: my favourite hero of all time getting slightly buffed every patch is now FINALLY NOT 0 ARMOR HERO… Can be played as 3/4/5 better now as mana cost is buffed on assumption and lvl10 talent is a good farming buff with more spam on grave chill also solar is cheaper Pog

Overall zoo is probably dead except visage in pubs only and it is really frustrating to lose necro because OSFrog is too lazy to balance it… Just wish for a helm buff i geuss

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/mnucpu/discussing_zoo_heroes_in_patch_729/

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