[Discussion] Meta loot should not be in the flea market

Currently high level loot is easily accessible through the flea market.

Given that everyone strives to acquire high level armor/parts/ammo, the rest of low tier weapons are long forgotten in an "Old" weapon's case in the corner of the stash. This means that all players end up using only 2% of the items, trying to find budget builds as close to the meta as possible. This makes sense as it is the optimal way to survive, no suprises here.

But all of this is only possible because there is an easy supply, just one click away.

Lets suppose for a second that these meta builds are not available in the market. Suppose you can only find these meta parts or high level armor in raid, or barter from Traders with items found in raid. And this high level loot can't be sold in the market. It is for YOU. You can use it in the next raid, and win or lose, this loot is passed on.


  1. More variety of armor is used – low tier from the flea market, high tier from good loots.
  2. More weapons are used – max tier available should be "street" weapons: AK's, ADAR, Shotguns.
  3. More variety of ammo is used – low tier ammo becomes more effective as low tier armor is more common
  4. Longer time to kill – damage from low tier ammo takes longer to kill
  5. Players are motivated to loot – find high level armor/ammo/parts
  6. Players are motivated to PvP – kill players with possibly good loot
  7. Players are motivated to strategize instead of zooming around – time to kill is longer
  8. It is harder to get higher tier loot – there may be more gear fear
  9. Chads may enjoy the game less – they will have to find the chad loot themselves

I invite you to discuss the topic here in the hopes that the game can become a bit more balanced and less of a meta rat race.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ihslqe/discussion_meta_loot_should_not_be_in_the_flea/

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