Discussion of 7.1 Virtual Headsets in Tarkov

tl;dr – Leave a comment with: (A headset that DOES/DOESN'T support 7.1 sounds without Steam Audio feature | user's experiences | or anything related to virtual 7.1 headsets)

Several Months ago(November), I was playing with my friend(two players), while I was using the headset called "VIRTUOSO SE – by CORSAIR".

When we were engaging with unknowns, my friend literally said "I do not know where are they" or "Where are they shooting?" Or bla bla bla. But I was literally able to find enemies quickly and immediately because I was able to hear accurately and knew where they were.

And this year, January, my headset were broke and last month, in May, I bought that headset again. And in yesterday, I said "Guess I should try tarkov with this headset" and turns out that lore/myth was true. 7.1 was a thing with this headset. (e.g. Bunker Hermetic Door Alarm in Reserve – turn your character in both 360 clockwise and counterclockwise to test)

So yeah, in my experiences, 7.1 was a thing(thx CORSAIR!) Without a Steam Audio(Binaural Sound) feature. What about yours? How's your experience(s)? Let's discuss.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/nujizt/discussion_of_71_virtual_headsets_in_tarkov/

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