Discussion on swamp difficulty, am I just Bad?

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Does anyone think the swamp is way too difficult for where it sits in game progression?

Shouldn't the best armor achievable prior to the swamp (bronze) actually protect you?

Every enemy in the swamp can 2 shot me at 90 health.

Poison attacks do -74 health and do 4dps. Shouldn't poison attacks be a slow burn, or do 1dps?

Archers also take away half health and from a distance. Why is a +2 fine wood bow so weak, but draugr archer bow is so strong? Shouldn't attacking from a distance be balanced by lower damage for the draugr just as it is with the player?

Then there's the unavoidable and constant wet debuff which makes it so you can't run away from any enemies or attack more than one enemy at a time.

I can take out pretty much any of the enemies if it's 1v1, but it's usually 1v3 or more. And the combat falls apart with multiple enemies. Dodge rolling through one enemies attack doesn't matter because another one will hit you at a separate time. Or a draugr will launch an arrow from the side of it's body and snipe you for half your health. I've seen other games solve this by implementing a hesitation into enemies if they're not your primary target. Maybe parrying one enemy could make others hesitate, then you'd actually be able to parry and follow through as opposed to parrying and then getting whacked by something else instead.

The only way I've been able to explore and mine some iron from the dungeons is by using eikthyr's stamina power up every 20 min, and by moving a portal with me where ever I go so that my inevitable death has less penalty.

I understand it's early access, I want to know if this is just me being ass at the game or if anyone else thinks it's kinda unbalanced?

Also, whats the best food to eat at this point in the game because I could also be doing that wrong.

Thanks bros

Edit: Thanks for all the responses! I feel like I'm ready to go back at it with my new knowledge. I should have been using some of the swamp materials to make better food and gear as well as establish mini bases and terraform to reduce spawns and make traveling easier. But I was trying to stock up as much as possible and just leave which made it harder than it needed to be

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/pv7nwr/discussion_on_swamp_difficulty_am_i_just_bad/

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