[Discussion] Scavs and their headshots might be too much

Look I really couldn't care less if I lose my gear to a head,jaws or head,eyes scav but there are a lot people out there that constantly live on the edge of their income.
They bring a big part of their stash value into a raid and losing it means a lot.
I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for someone that kills some pmcs / boss just to die to a scav headshotting across the map.
Am I wrong that I think this is just straight up an not fun mechanic that shouldn't be a thing?
No one enjoys losing progress to a npc in a pvp game.
Now comes the question : Should it just be accepted by everyone that scavs will always be a death threat that you can't prevent no matter how rich you are or should it be preventable?

Example that just happened : I got headshotted from whatever where. I had no sound at all of a gun.
All I knew was that I just took a bullet to my Exfil. I go behind cover expecting it to be a sniper PMC and I was lucky.
However, I kept running around and couldn't find anything.
After the raid I checked the Damage screen and saw that I got shot by 5.45x39mm T Bullet lol.
Somewhere out there was a scav that was so far away I couldn't hear his AK – but he still land a shot on my head.
It could've also been a PS round or .388 killing me with Exfil and Slick ( happened before already lol that was hilarious )

How do you guys feel about dying to headshots from far away by a scav? Especially those that don't play a lot ?

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