Discussion: Should non-founders be able to get V-bucks?

Hello everyone, I made this post because I would like to hear your thoughts about this.

I believe that making V-Bucks available just for the founders was a very stupid decision on Epic's side. I bought StW the first day it released with the Metal Team Leader, even though I wanted to buy the Standard Edition instead (but it was too late, and the day I wanted to buy it Stw was un-buyable). After playing for +1 year, I am now in Twine, and think about how stupid it was.

Even though, yes, the introduction of X-Ray tickets in dailies and stuff didnt make me regret buying any llamas at all, which id normally buy with Vbucks, I don't know how it works with founders and now in Twine it just sucks. Sure – i still have some stuff ahead of me – like the 7 next Storm Shields, side quests and stuff, but my enjoyment for the unfinished game has pretty much gone. Those who get V-Bucks at least have "some" motivation to keep playing – even though many are against this "V-buck farming" thing I don't think what else you'd do. Keeping V-Bucks in would definitely keep players playing, but those who don't have it most likely won't continue.

Now I know that by "founders" epic means those who have the 2nd edition, because they gave people a +1 edition and then made the packs the first, meaning that everyone who recieves V-Bucks "technically payed 40 bucks". Why not let me pay to get them too along with some other stuff? Why get rid of the different editions at all? This might be a steal, but I genuienly would pay the additional money to be able to recieve Vbucks too, because it actually would keep fun in the game that I once loved so much whilst also giving me the motivation to play it at all.

🙂 – btw who is People can Fly? I heard they'll be given Stw in Chapter 3, so I wonder what they will do with it.

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