Discussion Topic: Would the official implementation of RMT (micro transactions) by BSG lead to a noticeable decrease in cheating?

Argument against micro transactions:

    Short- No, it would not solve cheater problems and would destroy economy, if not entire concept of game.

    Long- There are three issues with this solution, the cheaters, the economy, and the eft concept.
 Cheaters+ Winning is everything and that is what drives most of the cheating community to play the game as the do with the additional programs they run, to ensure a win. While in game RMT would remove some cheaters, it would not stop the community, it would simply allow them to get there lot faster from raids with out having to do as much work.
 Economy+ In addition to not fixing the problem sought by its implementation, this would lead to a total collapse of the eft economy. Those who use the RMT will be running full kits, and simply rocking the rest of the community whom are with out the benefit of millions of rubles in real life. In cases where these RMT players die, these guns will be taken , along with their corresponding kits, by others and all need for searching for gear, doing quests, and using the flea market will evaporate. The entire style and feel of game play will shift, from what it is now to something more akin to call of duty, or counter strike. 
 Concept+ The purpose of the Escape From Tarkov is to make the player feel like they are struggling to escape. They need to feel adversity like the pmc in their situation would be. This means running and hiding around maps with crap guns looking for gas analyzers, not roaming openly with slicks and m4s. By allowing players to buy money and simply buy gear, then we will lose what makes tarkov tarkov. Not just for those who use the RMT, but those whom wish to stay true to the vision of the game.

Argument for micro transaction:

    Short- Yes, it would remove the foundation of cheating in the community, increase interest of possible new players, and bolster development capabilities of BSG.

    Long- While the arguments against micro transactions in all gaming communities are strong, in this case, it would have a strong positive effect on the cheating sector, game interest, and future developments and release.
 Cheating+ The foundation of cheating in this game and it’s community is not the pursuit of winning, but the desire of real money from a few players. By BSG giving these players a means to acquire an in game currency, it will effectively remove that economic base and foundation behind the cheating community. While this will never completly stop cheating and hacking, it will start the down turn of the largest offenders in the eft community. This will lead to a down fall in research and development of the ‘professional’ organizations as capital drys up, and the current internal and external exploits of the game will dwindle and falter. 
 Interest+ These players wanting to cheat, more often then not, are casual gamers lacking the time to commit to reach the upper tiers of the game through more legitimate means and, are seeking the in game means to fully enjoy the mechanics created by BSG, not skulking around looking for gas analyzers. This is often the hesitation in countered by possible players interested in the game. By giving the means to jump in to the upper tiers of game play, it will open up to community to new members.
 Development+ If every dollar going to hacker suddenly went to BSG then the rate of development of the game and anti cheating tools with grow exponentially. With the decrease of cheaters by the implementation of micro transactions described earlier, it will free up time by programmers looking to counteract the hackers allowing them to go back in to development of game mechanics and additional content. Furthermore, the in flow of capital could be used for a variety of purposes. This flow could go straight to the games development and the BSG coffers, speeding the whole to a final 1.0 release. Alternatively, other solutions may be more applicable in the pursuit of dampening the blow of the implementation of micro transactions, such as all RMT going to anti cheat support, or to charities like Doctors with out borders.

Additional thoughts:
We know there is a cheating problem, what we need are solutions to combat the issue, not more complaints.

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