DISCUSSION: What should be added to Valheim?


I am too excited for the next patch! I am about to go the gym but had to sit down and type this up. This post will be for content that I think would be an awesome addition in the future patches. FEEL FREE (plz add your thoughts) to add your ideas to this post!

**100% Mod compatibility**

  • This would allow for infinite possibilities, we would see another jewel added to nexus mods.

**Heroic/Uber bosses**

  • The bosses in this game are so easy, and after 100-200 hours there isn't much left. I would love to see the other boss spawners used as heroic or uber boss spawns that reward the player with special boss-theme cosmetics and items! ALSO I think adding new moves to uber/heroic bosses would be sick (such as a 1 hit KO move).

**World Corruption**

  • In Terraria, once you kill all the bosses, the world gets corrupted and new bosses come out and new item recipes are available. I think IronGate can do something similar to this, or a crazy mod that does something like this!

**The world spawn becomes a new boss/biome location**

  • there are only 5 boss stones at the spawn, but they all surround a platform that you spawn on. I want to see something spicy done with that spawn platform.

**A reason to acquire metals**

  • Currently, metal is useless after you fully upgrade your gear, which sucks. I would like to see something like Minecraft where you can use metals as a cosmetic. I.E. Imagine iron statue of your character 20 feet high in the base entrance.

**Level 100 skill level PERKS**

  • Okay, the grind to level 100 skills is INSANE! Lets see cool rewards for hitting level 100 skill level! Such a lvl 100 bow/club/sword animation.
  • Add new move set, such as a charge attacks to the basic set. This would be accomplished by holding down the attack button for a certain amount of time. Example: Sword combo: Mouse1 + Mouse1 + mouse1 HOLD (creates a delayed down smash that can be cancelled (use as a feint in pvp) with a roll.

**Life skills added**

  • Sailing, Farming, Building, you name it! Lets I want to see more skills.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/m9gaz4/discussion_what_should_be_added_to_valheim/

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