Disguised – Among Us (short?) Story.

"Are you ready?" His bean-shaped body was suited in a red outfit, completed with his alien pet Uustipii atop is head.
"Ready as I'll ever be." I reply, fitted with a white spacesuit with my daughter beside me, fitted with the same outfit.
We swam out into the open air and waited. Sure enough it came, and we latched on and came in through the garbage hatch. "Yuck," my daughter whined, pushing a banana peel off her face. It stuck to her head and she smiled.
"Hide your face," I told her, fogging her helmet. We crawled in and hid behind a pile of storage bins.

"What's the plan here?" I ask my alien buddy, who is scanning for humans. My daughter starts to run for a dark room. "Vallie, where are you going?!" I grab her and sit her on a storage bin. Dmante, my alien counterpart, replies with a short "Claim the spaceship." Same as last time.

"Mama, why do we have to?" Vallie asks from atop the bin, leaning down dangerously close to the edge. I prop her up and sigh. "They're planning to attack us, Vallie. We have to." She pouts and crosses her arms.
"Human spotted." Dmante whispers, looking in the direction of the room Vallie tried to run to. When the door swung open, it was revealed that the room was labeled 'electrical'. The human too, had a child, who looked a little older than Vallie. They were dressed in a green spacesuit with an egg smushed on top. They were scolding their child for dumping the egg on his head, and furiously trying to wipe it off.

"Act natural," Dmante warned, heading over to the crewmate. I followed him, and the human was still angry. "Sorry… White, Red, where have you guys been?" The human asked, sitting their child on their head. "Uhmm…" I stammered, looking around for a task.
"Fueling the engines, actually. Are we in your way?" Explains Dmante smoothly, stepping to the side of the hallway. "Not at all, how are-"

Dmante threw the human into electrical and malfunctioned the doors shut. I didn't have enough time to step in, but the screams were enough to tell me what happened. When the door opened, Dmante was furiously trying to stuff his oversized tongue back into his tight spacesuit. Blood was spattered all over the walls and on the electrical box, but luckily with the colour of his suit the blood didn't show. Vallie started to whimper and Dmante pointed towards the vent.

Me and him leapt into the vent and started to run. At the end of the tunnel, a bright white light appeared. We stepped out, and were met with a crewmate dressed in cyan. Luckily, she didn't see us vent. "Hello…?" I asked, and she spun around. "OH! Red and White! How are you?"

"Fine, thanks." Me and Dmante said at the same time. "Cute kid," she chuckled, trying to shove some medical equipment into a small locker. "I haven't seen Green all day. Cute kid he's got too. Have you seen him?"
Me and my alien counterpart started to sweat. "No…" I said, trying to sound like I was not the witness to the murder of Green.

"Mhm, cool! I need to run down to electrical to fetch something, do you mind…?"
"Not at all, miss." I answer, leading the way. "Electrical's this way, I believe?" Cyan nods and hops over to electrical. Dmante stays behind. Sweating furiously, she opens the swinging door to electrical and finds the dead body of Green. She gasps, and steps back. Without thinking, I grasp my knife and stab her in the back. She falls over, completely lifeless.

"Two down, six to go." Dmante chuckles from behind me.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/lao9xs/disguised_among_us_short_story/

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