Do people enjoy Escape from Tarkov being like Minecraft?

Like minecraft in the sense that, in order to do shit in the game- you actually need to look at sources outside of the game. The in-game maps are bad and often unavailable. Many of the quests are super vague, I think the vast majority of players wouldn't be able to complete them without guides. There is a lot of value in discovering things out for yourself in a game, but that discovery aspect isn't there if you're just looking up a gun-parts list on the wiki. It also isn't there if your exploration of a map is done outside the game through the offline mode.

Though, when new players bring up problems with the game, the usual response is to "git gud". I guess some players don't understand that you can both enjoy a thing and criticize it? Or that not all aspects of a game are contributing to your enjoyment of it?


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