Do we really need a karma system for PMCs?

This is a forum post from 9 months ago by a BSG developer

he talks about many lore aspects of the game, but he also talks about how the final vision for tarkov is an open world game like dayz with a karma/reputation system that will affect things like trader reputation.

Do we really want this? the current system of battle royale-esque free for all pvp is basically perfect, trying to nerf that is just going to cause long time players to drop the game, badmouth it and cause new players to not join.

We don't go into tarkov for the carebear casual experience of a walking simulator like dayz, we go in for the constant pvp and gunfights, the looting experience and, for some of us, the thrill of survival.

If you add a PMC karma system and an open world setting, it will just dampen these aspects that people love so much about tarkov.


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