Do you have a naming convention for your ships?

o7 commanders

I'm interested to know if you have system for naming your ships. If you do, what is it based on?
Even if it isn't elaborate or is just a bunch of memes or inside jokes, I'm still curious.

I'll go first:
– All my ships have BSF in the name, which stands for "Bike Space Force", because Bike is my nickname.
– All my ships are named after WW1 and WW2 warships + irl spacecraft.
– I chose the name either because it sounds cool or the irl counterpart has a cool story or is significant.

1) Cobra: BSF Zuikaku – named after WW2 japanese aircraft carrier Zuikaku (1939 – 1944), translates as " auspicious crane" which sounds cool

2) Type 6: BSF Voyager – named after the satellite Voyger 1 (1977), the first spacecaft to enter interstellar space (2012)

3) DBX: BSF Vostok – named after the first manned spacecraft to fly in space, Vostok(1961).

4) Dolphin: BSF Marlborough – named after WW1 battleship HMS Marlborough (1912 – 1932), the name sounded posh enough for a Saud Kruger ship.

5) Type 7: BSF Marblehead – named after WW2 american light cruiser USS Marblehead (1923 – 1946), sailed from the Dutch East Indies to New York while damaged and survived, so very cool story.

6) Orca: BSF Vittorio Veneto – named after WW2 italian battleship Vittorio Veneto (1937 – 1951), considered one of the most elegant battleships in the world at the time.


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