Do you like the current all pick draft order?

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I feel like the current draft order for all pick results in a huge variation in game difficulty/quality. The current meta of all pick drafting is both teams blind pick two supports, then both teams blind pick sidelane cores, then both teams blind pick mids (sometimes carry gets last pick).

The issue I have is that the second pick phase can almost decide the entire game. Your team picks Tidehunter + Ursa, enemy team picks Slark + Venomancer. Both your sidelanes are now lost. Maybe your mid picks blind into a really good matchup and destroys his lane, but if you lose 3 lanes a lot of games are just over.

Any good ideas for alternatives that aren't just Captain's Mode? Maybe each player gets one guaranteed ban before their pick? The old pick order had one team getting overall last pick where they could counter their mid matchup and just win the game, but with all the runes now, maybe having last pick mid isn't as big of a deal?


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