Do you like when a streamer calls you a cheater? I absolutely love it. Featuring Axel_tv

Hey! I got this funny video montage when I accidentally forgot that I have to die when I play against a streamer. It is crazy, but I somehow managed to notice him in the distance of 70 meters before he did. Normal players don't have a damn clue about the spawns on the maps, so I guess this was just pure luck. Predicting players' position is also somehow a highly experienced streamers skill, so I guess I was lucky twice with the gunfight. I forgot to eat those bounced grenades and catch those missed shots, and unfortunately, accidentally I grenaded the poor streamer before I realized I shouldn't have done it.

Jokes aside, it's hilarious that people who stream thinks that they are superior to the rest of the player base. Running like a mad man, don't give a damn about the surroundings, ending up in a highly disadvantageous position and die and after all these, the people who outplayed them are the cheaters or stream snipers.

I get it that sometimes people got upset about dying, but starting to bitch to your audience and calling others cheater or stream sniper just because you got outplayed is piteous.



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