Do you remember your first PMC kill as a scav?

This is my first wipe, and I'm currently level 25. I mainly play as my scav on interchange, and try my best to avoid pmc's. It has almost always ended bad for me when I come across them. However, I just finally got my first ever PMC kill as a scav, and am feeling great about it.

I spawned into interchange in generic, and looted what I could. Hearing gun shots from in the mall, I got nervous and began moving from the store towards oli. As I neared the mall exit by Oli to check the duffle, I hear an airdrop coming in. I figure I'll go for it with me and my little silenced smg.

Exiting the mall, I see it descending near the go-cart track, and begin heading over. On the way, I spy movement. It appears to be a PMC, but I'm not sure. The distance isn't right to try and use the smg, and I figure they are going for the drop as well. As I'm just starting to consider taking my chances, they run into the mall at the last entrance before the drop.

I make a judgement call to try and get a better weapon from the drop, then consider if I want to go after the possible PMC. Looting the drop nets me a DVL , and an STM. To my disappointment, neither has a sight, and the only one in the drop is a cheap reflex. I stick it on the DVL I decide to cut my losses, paly it safe, with what I could get from the drop and head for the railway extract. Being near the go cart track, I decide to hit up the hidden cache and weapon box under the highway overpass. However, before I get the chance to check the stash, I spot…… Him.

He's clearly extremely fat with loot, carrying the biggest backpack I have ever seen, moving at a slow pace, glancing around as best as he can. I line up my shot, but hesitate. "what if it's a lucky scav?" I ask myself, "do I really want to lose some of my hard earned fence rep?". As he disappears from my line of sight behind a pillar, I decide it's worth the risk. I line up my shot, I fire, and….. He runs.

Unsure if I hit him or not, I watch him run behind some the pipes. I'm able to see part of him still, through the bushes, in the gap between the pipes. I fire again, realising I have no idea how many rounds this rifle has. I'm sure I hit this shot, but I see him get up and start running back the way he came. He took the backpack off. I'm sweating bullets as I fire my third shot. This one I know misses, and he gets behind the pillar out of sight. I wait, breath held, trying to figure out which side he will peak. I pick the right side to stay aimed at, certain he has to know where I am. As I realise I have no cover myself, it happens. He peaks. I fire. He drops. I check, it was my last round.

I felt elated, and went to collect my spoils. I grab his kitted out mk.16, and the kitted out ashe 12, and his tag. Searching his pockets, he has another dog tag… And another.. and a third. I start to feel a little bad for ending this man's successful run. I go to where he last had the bag, and spy it. Inside, among a fair bit of loot, I see an RFB, and another tag… Followed by another. This man had nearly the whole lobbies tags in his pockets. I start the slow crawl towards extract. I realise quickly that I may not make it at this slow pace. I also know that if I saw a scav lugging around what I have now, I wouldnt hesitate. So I ditch the DVL, the RFB, and a car battery.

I'm sprinting from cover to cover as best I can, dumping the bag and going prone to speed up my stamina. My heart's pounding, I'm looking everywhere I can for threats. As I begin my sprint from the piece of cover to the railway extract, I hear the worst. A rifle fires, and a round ricochets off the helmet Mr.Chad had, now on my head. I take my chances and continue the sprint. The countdown begins. Rounds keep firing around me, I'm leaning side to side, wiggling, trying to survive. The countdown hits 0. I did it.

It's been almost an hour since this happened, and I still can feel my heart beating a little fast just remembering it all. If you are on this sub, and you see this, I'm sorry your run had to end that way. Ill try to do you justice when I go out in raid with the gear you clearly put some love into.


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