Do you think StW deserves a reboot?

Once you finish Canny story, the game just ends. We won't know what happened to Desiree, Vinderman or even the storm. StW is incomplete, and honestly I think it deserves a reboot.

Gameplay should be totally redone, now we have animals on BR I think StW could really turn into a survival game. Imagine an open world game, like Minecraft, mine in the day and survive the night. But with exploration objectives of course, and mini missions across the map like atlases and shelters.

Story could be redone as well, BR and StW does share a universe (Power Chord (Lianne) and Penny dialogue in BR, Dennis Junior mentions about steel wool, and Jonesy's "not just a storm"), many mysteries from BR and StW could be solved in a detailed story mode, for example exploring Midas, Jules and Shadow x Ghost lore, why they are trying to break the loop and so on. I think the way we do missions in StW rn can get boring fast, open world wouldn't bore us fast like loading into a mission and waiting damn 20 minutes. Would also be cool if we had NPCs to help us building our homemade and defending it (like in StW tutorial) and bosses scattered across the map (yes, humans, not husks)

Anyway, we can only dream about it… But what are you guys thoughts?


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