Do you think wipes should happen after full release?

I haven’t been through a wipe yet, but there are plenty of games that go stale after a certain time, hence new servers to start fresh. Is Tarkov going to continue to wipe after large additions, or is there going to be some sort of balancing that happens that keeps people invested in the game after basically completing everything? I know plenty who just play to play and I totally agree with that, but for new players, they don’t get to experience the excitement of a wipe and getting that first key to a loot room, while people who come late can just buy half the stuff they need in the game. Maybe take a book out of the hardcore accounts and make a separate server that is hardcore, meaning no flea market, maybe a special map where people can actually go to to buy items like a hidden market idea with a rotating vender that you can buy and sell items to, for a price. Say like you want x amount of an item, you go to the vender and put the request out and the vender will then put your request up, and people can chose to sell if they think they like the price you are offering. Makes you less dependent on the flea market for everything and still gives you a chance to buy items you desperately need if you can’t find it.


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