Do you want to have artifact heroes to be ported to Dota 2?

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Hi guys,

I just had a thought that artifact had tons of cool material for new heroes in Dota 2 that already had lore and were integrated into story, with some cool personalities and abilities (sorla khan, venge sister, kanna, mazzie, riz and others). So from story perspective they'd be a good fit and also would've been easy to get them some ability kits because they actually had some artifact cards and abilities.
And I think if artifact was a success then porting at least some of them to Dota would be only a matter of time. But… Well we all know how artifact ended up. Which is kinda sad for me because I think if developers didn't just close the project but maybe finalized the 2.0 version (art, animations and other stuff) it would've had some fans/steady player base.

Anyway, what do you think of possibility of artifact heroes in Dota?

Do you like the idea?

Do we have any information from valve on this, is it even possible or is any connection to artifact now forbidden?


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