Dodge-Roll Skill

Maypoles, Flower/Berry Spawns, & Seed Crops should increase honey yield.

Does dodge rolling(either the sneaking one or blocking one, as far as I can tell they're identical) increase or benefit from any increase of skills? Jump would be the logical one, same button and all, but it doesn't seem to really boost any skill that I can see, and I've not really noticed any benefit to other skills being higher either.

I think it would be useful for it to tie to sneak, though. Sneak early game I've utilized a lot, but as I get more armor and weapons it falls off in utility. The only 'build' that seems like it works for is a bow sniper, as sneaking up on enemies to get that multiplier for melee just seems like it's not worth it. Most you can't one-shot, and the ones you can aren't probably threats anymore anyway. Having dodge-roll tie in with sneak would also make a more evasive, fast moving approach to combat more viable compared to shields, which right now are absolutely the way to go.

Thoughts? Am I off the mark?


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