Does anyone actually enjoy massive point swings?

gerald witcher3 gwent

Basically as the title suggests. Do any of us here really enjoy the huge point swings that have now become commonplace in Gwent? I only ask as it seems the devs want this to become a more common occurrence.

I guess what really bought it to the fore for me was playing a MO devotion frost deck (I'm aware of its limitations but it's fun and can still get wins).against a meta SK rain deck. My deck didn't have any answer to Rioghan sitting in the graveyard but I can say this game I drew perfectly, I sequenced as perfectly as possible and as I passed on my final turn in R3 I was up something like 65-35. The final score was basically flipped 35-65. Now I knew Rioghan was coming and I did my best to control what I could but a 60 point swing is stupid IMO.

You.could see point swings becoming a thing when Eist entered the game but I feel like things are only going to get worse. Now I know people are going to say I should have bled the opposition, or had a squirel, but I should still be able to play a devotion deck and at least have a fighting chance. Anyway it became a bit of a rant but just interested in everyone's thoughts on these types of point swings.


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