Does anyone actually enjoy the mechanic of turn speed reduction on gear?

As a super low sensitivity player I'm thinking this mechanic has got to go.

I agree with the sentiment that heavier, clunkier gear should hinder your player the way it might in the real world. But constantly adjusting a players mouse sensitivity makes for bad gameplay. This causes muscle memory to be impossible to train consistently unless you use a mouse sensitivity calculator before and, occasionally, in the middle of a raid. If the goal is realism I'd argue that this mechanic BREAKS it. Why? Because if I slap an Altyn or a Vulkan on my noggin mid-raid I'm INSTANTLY focused on my mouse and the huge amount of distance I now need to drag to look around. I need to move my mouse 28 inches to do a 360. An Altyn reduces my turn speed by 25%. When I equip one I then need to swipe for 37 inches to do a 360. With a Vulkan it's 49 inches! The game is unplayable until I change my sensitivity. I'm sure there are many other players in this boat, some of which may have probably folded and just opted to raise their sensitivity. I'd rather not do that, I'd rather see more intuitive ways to simulate realism added to replace the turn speed reduction stat on gear. Here's a few ideas.

-Reduce the FOV of free-look based on your gear. Big clunky neck padding could make it hard to turn your neck, coupled with a face shield you'd probably only be able to glance to your left or right.

-If something is super bulky and/or has plating covering the groin it could be really difficult to crouch, could reduce how low a PMC is able to go with their crouch. Possibly even remove the ability move extremely silently while crouch walking. Would need some balancing to armors and their classes were this to be implemented.

-Armor real thicc? Helmet so thicc it can stop an LPS round? AND you have a face shield on? You're probably going to sweat more. A dehydration debuff could be attached to certain armors/helmets.

Idk about that last one but just please for the love of god remove turn speed reduction on gear. Oh, and normalize or add scope sensitivities already. They're all so out of whack. Like look at this snippet from mouse-sensitivity. The difference in the sensitivity value you need to input for consistent view speed is ridiculous.

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