Does anyone else feel that the game seems to be getting progressively worse (In terms of performance not content).

I started playing at the start of this year (12.6 I think?) and the game ran reasonably well, apart from the few bugs and so on. Lately I keep getting horrible desync, killed 5 meters around corners mostly. Is this just bad luck or does the game seem to be getting worse?

I get that the game is in development, my issue isn't with the problems per se, it's the fact that the game gets worse with every update (in terms of performance, not content.)

Issues I now have that didn't seem to happen often in my first wipe:

-Killed around corners, at least half of my deaths at this point (never really used to notice it). This happens in every FPS to some degree, but Tarkov is the worst I have seen for this personally.

-Huge framerate drops when using scopes. It used to always drop to 30 for me, but lately it's been dropping to unplayable frames so I have mostly given up sniping. (Luckily I have my Kappa so no more SBIH ;))

-Dead servers, a lot of raids have few people in them. I Tried playing on non-EU servers, and while I did have more action packed raids, there were too many cheaters, which I suppose is natural on more populated servers. I don't seem to run into many on EU servers, which is great. I just wished there were more players.

-General framerate drops, used to have a pretty solid experience, but now I get huge drops. Sometimes they're random, some seem to happen at particular areas (Factory tunnels for example).

-Sound bugs. Grenades not making any sound (Both mine and enemies). Not hearing things that other people do such as the door's opening (no sound rendering when looking back at highlights so it’s not my ears!).

-Freeze up’s. Always had the occasional jitters and freeze ups, but they seem to happen more frequently and for longer.

-Naked’s/ Hatchet runners. I’m not really in the business of telling others how to play, but I seem to run into a lot more naked’s, which means no fun fights (I’m guessing the FIR change might have contributed to more cautious gameplay?)

I really liked the game last wipe, even though it was mostly me getting my ass kicked. This wipe I have got my kappa (Jaeger can go still go 'fuck himself with a bramit') and have 40+ Million roubles, but it seems the time between fun fights is hours rather than minutes. But my biggest concern is the way the game is running.

I have absolutely no problem with dying, I don’t care about the gear and I’m admittedly below average at PVP. I just feel as though lately I’m fighting the game more than other players and wanted to know what your experiences have been. Does it seem like the game is getting progressively worse (performance wise) or better? Any tips to make the game run better that worked for you?


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