Does anyone else find the SRV turret controls “complicated”?

This is something that has bothering me ever since they were added:

The automatic horizon compensation, which keeps the turret lined up with the horizon if you ONLY use left/right input.

Maybe I haven't played enough tank games, but the ones I DID play did not have this, so I am used to the turret moving left/right if I give it that input.

But here's what's happening in ED when you're on a slope:

So, is there anyone else who finds this severely counter-intitive or did I just manage to play the 5 tank games in my life that decided to not implement this?

Edit: due to the popular perception of me being too stupid to use the controls right did I take a clip of me giving nothing but a left input to the turret.

If anyone can explain to me where the pitching comes from, because it did NOT come from me, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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