Does anyone else prefer scav gameplay?

Curious if anyone else plays a higher % of their games as scavs. I'm not sure if I'm just turning into a Bezos dragon hoarding my gold or if I just like the thrill of dodging chads with no gear and only a bank robber rig to hold my shit ammo.

Between never knowing what I'm going to get, and the thrill of getting something worth a lot, keycards, GPUs or anything like that my heart starts racing, as I don't dare risk scav on scav violence, but what if that one over there with two weapons is a player scav oh shit oh shit. I get a similar rush as a PMC but I'm generally holding enough of a kit that I'm less worried about regular scavs so it just turns into a game of avoid the sounds of gunfire.

At this point my PMC is level 32 and I have 100m + but I keep picking scav because I get excited when I see an AK with optics and a suppressor on it. I'd just rather rat around in the bushes collecting shiny items over struggling on SBiH over and over and over.

A lot of people will say that it's gear fear, which I'm not sure it is, but at this point I'm almost treating my rubles as a high score. I've never had 100m in a wipe, and I've never had a scav extract rating of over 50%.

What do you guys think? Scaving only when you have to for money to buy a PMC loadout between losses or more often for the thrill of having nothing and trying to get a kit?

I tried looking to see if there was a topic about this but reddit's search is terrible and looking up 'scav' with anything else just gives pretty much everything back.


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