Does anyone else really miss silent sneaking?

I’ve seen this talked about a little bit however for me this one change has completely spoiled my favourite part of the game – being stealthy.

My playstyle has gone from silent sneaking and stealth to running full pelt sprint at all times then hiding in one spot, listening, then moving on again. The only “stealth” option I have left is remaining in one place, completely motionless and ambushing other players.. which is fine, except sometimes I want to loot/explore and there is now no way to do that stealthy – even slow crouch walking makes so much noise I can pinpoint with the new audio system exactly where someone is behind 2 walls in interchange. Better to sprint and pause motionless, your position will be harder to pinpoint.

I can only guess it was to make the covert movement skill more useful but just like strength, that is a really stupid skill system. Why the fuck would I “sneak” around leveling covert movement until it eventually one day finally reaches silent movement, likely causing my death hundreds of times before then.

I honestly see this as the worst change of the entire wipe.

I miss stealth


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