Does anyone else think that NG as a faction is such a mess.

witcher gwent cards

Just scrolled through the NG cards and noticed that so many cards overlap but they don’t really synergize with each other.

Example Cards:

Cadaverine —> Its a tactic but you don’t play it in an enslave decks because enslave supports no poison. It also does not support assimilate because you spawn a card. You could run it in a ball deck but it’s just an expensive poison card because the ‚spawn the target on your site‘ does not synergize with poison NG.

Usurper—> What’s the point of this card? Just point slam or proc ball? Give the operatives a lil effect. Damage adjacent units and cut the seize effect. So they stay there and manipulate the board. Idk he has an amazing card art but the effect is pretty low. After you play Ursuper he is just there. If you come up with evolution cards they should have more impact. Right now he sees no play but before he were just there for point slam. Pretty lame.

Vypper —> An absolute meme card. I don't know what the developers were thinking. Does not synergize with one archetype in NG…

Fercart —> Were made to support the spying archetype but how many special do you play in a spying deck? I think only Oneiro, Invo and Coup maybe. He’s not particularly a bad card but the second part is somehow weird.

Emhyr —> Does efficiently 7 points on deploy and let you draw a card. For 11 prov an expensive Fercart. Would kinda expect a cooler effect from Emhyr.

Amnesty—> It would be great card for an enslave deck. But the devotion tag absolutely kills it. Enslave does not play with devotion. And the payoff is not worth devotion.

Puppet Master—> Great Artwork but nothing more. Unreliable and demands an answer after you seize something. Has no synergy with any archetype.

Imperial Practitioner—> Don’t get the point of this card. Why would you play this card in an assimilate deck? There are better options. Seems like the only justification for this card is Vilgefortz who is a meme himself.

Impera Enforcers—> If you want to play this card in a spying deck you also have to play Ramon. And then you mix soldiers with the spy archetype which has absolutely no synergy besides the interaction I just mentioned.

These were just a few examples. I hope that someone will clean up this faction.
Peace out!✌️


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