Does anyone else think the game has become too easy

I'm not entirely sure what people think of the game at the moment however in my opinion the game is far too easy in terms of making money. with sites it makes trading so easy. I started a brand new commander last night and played for maybe 3 hours and 1 hour today. I've already reached 3 million credits and a fully outfitted type 6. Trading is completely brainless and requires no skill or effort. if I played for another 3 or 4 hours I could have well over 10 million. and yes I know in the grand scheme of things that are not a lot of credits. but the fact it takes less than a full day of work and no effort is insane

Maybe I have it all wrong, and the game is supposed to be like this now. but I remember a long time ago how difficult it was to reach the top tier ships, now it takes less than a week.

Please let me know if the economy and trading is supposed to be like this, i had about a years brek from the game. Cheers guys


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