Does anyone else’s brain just short circuit when looting after a fight?

This is my first wipe and I've been trying to get Punisher Part 3 done – so have just been taking budget loadouts into Customs to try to rack up those AKS-74U Scav kills. Before I go on, I suck at PvP. Like I rarely win 1v1 gunfights unless I get lucky. But I ended up killing a player in construction because I was just ratting in a corner and got the drop on him.

As I got over to loot him I see that this guy was juiced (compared to me), silenced SVD with 5 20-round mags of SNB, Gen 4 Assault, an M4 and M2 rig in his Tri-Zip. My heart rate was already elevated from the short firefight and as I was figuring out how to loot this guy I swear my brain just stopped functioning properly. I completely forgot about the existence of my Alpha container, I bet I could have stripped the heavily modded PP-19-01 he had of it's expensive attachments, I for some reason decided an AI-2 was more valuable than a stack of 5.45 BT ammo? and I think I still left some other loose loot on his body that I definitely had room for in the M2. Maybe if I gave myself more time to think I could have been more efficient but I heard a scav shouting nearby and decided to just gtfo before more trouble showed up.

It was only after I extracted and my blood pressure returned to a normal level that I realized just how stupid I was with how I looted this guy. Like I bet I could have pull a few more dozen-thousand roubles out of this guy but my tiny little rat brain just couldn't handle the pressure. Does this happen to you guys? Is this a thing that you've gotten better at over time?


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