Does anyone feel Fortnite STW is getting way worse with animals?

I feel like the addition of animals to STW is ruining the vibe for me not only are these animals obnoxious and very annoying they don't serve any propose at all honestly why did Epic Games add PVP animals to STW its making me dislike STW now I originally played STW because it was Zombies now its animals its going away from the original concept of STW if epic wanted to add more loot or something like that they could just put it on the original zombies or just create new zombies instead of copy paste from PVP very disappointed at Epic Games at least make some maps without animals like WTF very obnoxious having to put up with animals every time I just want to farm some stuff in private matches getting struck by 10 dogs bruh I understand people like the Animals but for me I don't find any use for them at all I just want to play STW without having to deal with the animals Please that is all.

Fortnite STW = Humans Vs Zombies at no point did it say Humans Vs Animals.


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