Does anyone play solo anymore?

I don’t even remember the last time I haven’t had to face a squad of chads running together in this game. Every time I see someone, I wait for the rest of their group and without a doubt here comes at least 2 more behind him. It’s frustrating playing solo anymore. My survival rate is just over 30% and to survive I have to be extra careful to avoid most pvp bc I’ll get melted by m61 rounds. Also, customs used to be a good solo map for me but now it’s damn near impossible to cross the map without getting sniped or stomped by full squads.

And what’s with this whole squad running full geared with one hatchling in the middle. Are they just waiting for a kill and then the hatchling gets all the gear? I’ve ran into these groups 3 out of my last 5 raids. I got one hatchling just to prove a point and ate about 20 grenades right after.

Sorry, I had to rant. I suck at this game.


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