Does Dazzle’s kit make sense to you?

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I take serious issue with the design direction of Dazzle. This is clearly demonstrated in the scenario where he's picking someone off in the early midgame.
The "optimal" combo to use is:

  • Poison Touch
  • Shallow grave self at full HP to proc Bad Juju
  • Heal self at full HP to proc Bad Juju
  • Right click

How is this hero satisfyingly designed with this confusing sequence of kit?
Then we have this puzzling cooldown reduction ability which is just selotaped onto his ult which no longer stacks and no longer makes necrobook amazing (used to be effectively 100% uptime) because necrobook is no longer an item. Its improves his capacity to be a core but really that cooldown reduction on pretty much any hero would do that.
I really wish we'd consider redesigning his kit, specifically the ulti and maybe the Q. What would you change?


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