Does it bother you when you lose an expensive gun to people with shitty guns?

I just lost a meta M4 without firing a shot. I spawned in customs on the mountain, looted a stash, ran to another stash, looted it. Then I hear crawling in the bushes, I push towards it but then I hear a second guy to the right very close, probably a two man. Since I'm outnumbered and have multiple angles on me I decided to back out and run to the camp to get out of LOS and wait for them to come to me. Then at the little cabin with the med bag there's a guy inside that I didn't expect, he drops me with 5.45 BT…

I swear some times it just hurts to know that the guy who killed me had some shitty AK and now he gets to run around with my M4. When I kill people they always have some shitty gun that isn't even worth anything to vendor it, keeping it is more like a waste of slot than a net profit, but when I die, these guys end up with the juice and probably run straight to the extract… This makes me only want to use something good but also cheap, like an AK-103 or something. This way I still have a decent chance to kill them but I don't feel too bad for losing it.

Idk, I feel like it's more than just about money, I have millions of roubles, I can afford any loadout I want, but it's the fuck you factor, the mentality these players have, that even though a lot of them have money they still bring some cheap ass shit in the raid hoping to get someone else's instead. How do you guys get over the physiological impact of knowing that you lost some expensive gear to some shitty player, when 90% of your kills have guns that are barely even worth looting?


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