Does Tri Laning Safelane hurt more than help?

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

See it happening so often now in pubs and I don’t see how it helps. If anything it’s griefing the rest of the team.
– You’re forcing your Safelane to fight instead of getting those last hits
– You’re sapping exp from your Safelane making it harder for the Safelane to jungle if he wants/needs to
– You’re not rotating Mid to gank Mid or assist your Mid when they are getting ganked
– You’re leaving your Offlaner to 2v1 from minute 1 and expect him to win somehow then blame the Offlaner when their Carry is fat

If anything I think tri laning Safelane is doing the job of the enemy Offlaner for them. Now
– Their Carry is getting free farm
– Their Mid is fat and starts snowballing
– Their Support can now easily rotate anywhere in the map and make your Tri Lane even harder or gank your Mid

Sure it’s really annoying for me when their enemy decides to Tri Lane but if their Offlaner can’t do sht while my Carry and Hard Sup becomes strong af, then practically we get an ez advantage

Convince me otherwise because if I’m so smart I wouldn’t be asking this on Reddit


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