Does Valheim need additional “Danger” mechanics?

Is Valheim coming

So we're slowly getting more info on H&H. While I am looking forward to any new content at all, H&H is always going to be the least interesting addition for me personally. While I enjoy the building and farming stuff to an extent, for me it's all ancillary to fighting monsters and adventuring.

On that topic, what I've been thinking about recently is making the world more dangerous as you progress. For me, the game is at its most fun when shit is scary. Going into the Swamp at the late stages of Bronze age was scary as hell and fantastically good fun.

After you have progressed far enough past a certain area, going back to that area is not terribly interesting because you are realistically not in danger. Of course you do start getting stuff like Fulings spawning everywhere at night, which is pretty cool, but personally I'd like more. Things like more frequent spawns of two (or potentially three) star versions of enemies native to a given biome.

Going to Black Forest for example used to be exciting because I'd constantly be on the lookout for Brutes and especially Trolls. Now it's just kind of "oh hey there's a troll" instead of "SHIT, A TROLL!".

I dunno. I'd just like the game to feel dangerous again!


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