Don’t be surprised if your teammates start shooting when you’ve built a Jail/AFK build in a Public mission.

I didn't get the game to grind for the best guns and perk up all of my traps just to get to level 130+ and only use Floor Launchers and Sound Walls. I have guns and explosive weapons that I love using and will use whenever I play Fortnite. Lots of people build Jails in public missions and expect everyone to obey. I have nothing against Jail builds, it's just not everyone's playstyle.

Jail builds can be done solo, in private missions. Damage builds cannot. You need 4 players to fight and hence public lobbies should be to find those 4 players. Trying to damage build solo needs more resources. Trying to jail build solo requires nothing extra.

If you build a Jail build and someone wants to damage, don't be surprised. The game gave us guns to shoot and damage husks. Don't be surprised if people start using them. It being a PUBLIC mission, people have the right to play as they enjoy.

Good luck with reporting players for shooting in a game with guns.


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