Don’t Fly without Rebuy. For real.

I got back into ED recently to get back to the bubble for Odyssey's release. I mainly explored prior to my 8-month break from casual playing. Managed to earn quite a few creds from my discoveries.

Making it back to the bubble, I had about 121m creds to my name. Wow, so many credits! At Ray Gateway, I bought an Anaconda, figuring it'd be a strong start to my combat career. I knew I couldn't afford a rebuy, BUT, I thought, I can just grind with a free sidewinder to rebuy it if I get to that point. Or earn plenty running easy combat missions.

Well, things went awry. I got obliterated by an NPC on my first combat mission. Got a 6m credit loan to rebuy. Not realizing I was nearing the end of my rope.

Went out on another PVE combat mission. Got smoked again. But this time, I realized, no more loans could help me rebuy my Anaconda. Oh well, I'll just take the free sidewinder and grind the rebuy cost.

Nope. I took the sidewinder, then realized, the Anaconda is gone, to my knowledge, forever. 121m credits spent on a ship, then lost forever, in less than an hour of playtime.

Don't fly without rebuy.


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