Don’t forget to bring the portal

Valheim Guide: How to Acquire Strongest Weapon in the Game

And always leave a portal unconnected on your base,

The last time i landed on a swamp only island, full of crypts; I left my longboat in the swamp shore, I put a workbench and repaired it, boldly went mining with 3 pickes. Opened several crypts and started working my way. Several game days after that I went back to my longboat with 30 scrap iron (the rest were in coffers of the crypts) and all my pickes wasted. As I arrived to the boat location marked on the map I found some wood on the floor but no boat, except a cargo box, with 42 stones and the components to build a portal. Nothing more. I searched everywhere, killed all the liches around, and swam the nearby coast, no nails, no wood no nothing.

Run with the portal components and little les iron scrap to the closest crypt, installed the portal on top.
and it didn’t connect – so I didn’t leave and open portal back home probably there was another “emergency” portal connected to my base and have forgotten to unconnected it –

Hopeless i started exploring the swamp island searching for something useful…. Several game days later, I cleared all the island fog of war, and explored every inch of it, my food was exhausted except for 1 Turnip stew and 1 sausage. My Porcurpine level 1 was exhausted and Draur Fang too, there was no hope…
until I found a tiny piece of Meadows, -it was a copper Boulder size terrain, with 1 fine wood tree and 2 normal ones- a grey dwarf fighting the local swamp fauna and 2 boars and a Deer running from Blops. The water around was full of raising stars, the remains of the uncountable battles happening here all the time. The most important thing was sun ! Daylight, and with daylight hope.
I searched the waters and found 7 leather scraps, only my black metal axe was still useful for fighting. So I cut the trees and made a raft, with 30 iron scraps in my pocket I departed the isle.

My continent size main island was just a short trip away to the south, but Odin keep laughing at me and throw me a huge storm, the raft was impossible to steer and I ended crash landing on a swamp in the main continent. A cryptless swamp, with high mountains to the east, i didn’t fight with anything and went for the mountains. And crossed them to Black Forest, food !!! And then a normal run to my base…

New emergency portal, melt 10 iron, and create a new longboat.
Repair everything and go back (with food and a working portal) to retrieve the rest of the iron, filled with vengeance.

The mini meadows was baptized Port Hope and plan to create there a secure port for the future.


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