Don’t forget to sell your limpets if you’re taking shuttles!

So I wanted to go pick up my DBX that was about 150ly away rather than order it to be delivered. It was a long wait to get it delivered so I thought I'd have more fun getting shuttled to that station. It was actually on my friend's fleet carrier, so I thought, No problem I'll shuttle to a station in that system and get it delivered to that, just a five minute wait. Well I found out that if your original ship (that I left 150ly away) has any limpets on it and your new ship has no storage, you can't switch to that new ship. You must sell your limpets before you begin shuttling. This is frustrating because it's something so easy to forget about since I just use them for emergency repairs. It's not actual cargo that I'm actively buying or selling. There really should be an option to either abandon your cargo or to sell them in the system that they're in. Because of this overlook I wasted a lot of playing time.


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