Don’t Hate Jail/Damage Build but Hate the Player Being a Jerk

So this happened yesterday or the day before that when there was a 160 Lighting in a Bottle Mission.

When I went in to the mission I saw that one player was already building a jail build so I helped them by upgrading some of the structures and placed my base. What happened when the mission started was that one of the players, a Ninja, started shooting husks and another player said in the chat that don't shoot it is an AFK build and they kept shooting and we lost the mission.

The End…

Not really. I started the mission again because I needed the lighting in a bottle. Spawned next to the objective and started building a Jail Build. When I saw the names of all the players I realized that the player who kept shooting in the previous match was again in this match.

I mentioned in the chat that stop, the person with username keeps shooting and does not stop. Don't waste your materials. He did not reply in the last match but in this match he said that OK followed by a message saying I have challenge kill 300 elemental.

I told him we were building a Jail Build and don't shoot. If he has a Daily Challenge then go do it in a low pl mission as husks are difficult to kill in this mission. After a couple of more message he said Ok again like he understood and wont shoot husks this time.

We completed the build and started and we were up to 6 files and then I saw the Ninja hovering in one corner shooting husks and guess what in the next couple of minutes we lost again because it was a Jail build there were no damage traps.

In both the missions the Ninja did not build anything did not place any traps. He was jumping around the map I guess trying to complete his challenge killing husks but once the mission started he started killing husks and did not stop. That makes him a Jerk in the second mission he was told not to shoot and he started shooting again half way in to the mission that makes him an even bigger Jerk.

If you like to do damage build and hate AFK/Jail build then you have to build trap tunnels and add damage traps especially in a 160 4 player mission where husks have a level of 250. If you are not building not adding traps and dont mention in the mission that you want to play damage build but start shooting when the mission starts then you are Jerk. You have no right to tell others how that mission will be played. You did not contribute anything to the mission.

Why did I write this? I have been using this subreddit frequently in the last few months and have seen a lot of posts where people who like to play damage and don't like AFK/Jail build mention in various comments that if you want to play Jail build do it in private, don't get mad if other players start shooting. It is how the game was meant to be played. That is why we have guns. What I want to ask is


If someone plays like the guy I mentioned above then they are a Jerk and Idiot in my eyes. This is specific to 160 missions.


I only hate Jerks like the person I came across the other day.

In the last week there was a 160 4 player Mission which gave 500 Pure Drops of Rain. Those of you who play regular might remember when both the Drops of Rain and Lightning in a Bottle mission were.

When I joined the match I saw a couple of players were building trap tunnels and adding 130 damage traps. So I asked in chat Not doing AKF?

One player replied NO. I said OK and I started upgrading builds and adding traps. I was thinking we would fail because before I had never won a 160 mission doing a damage build. Every time I played a 160 mission with damage build I would lose because of poor trapping or team coordination. Also very few people want to play damage in 160 missions. Majority missions that I join are playing AFK and win without any issues. I am not that good at making trap tunnels and my traps are not the best right now. So I can't do everything alone and need help and rely on others. And it has not been long since I unlocked 160 missions. It has been 3 months at most.

The traps tunnel were good and we won the match easily. Never had a wall around the objective destroyed. If you want to play damage build like this then cool.

I don't want to force Jail Build on you. In fact I want to play damage build and see how others build the tunnels in a 160 mission so I can see and learn how its built in case I need to build it in the future.

However if someone just want to shoot husks when the objective starts without contributing anything in the build then they are a jerk, they are stupid they are an idiot they are wasting other players time and resources.

TLDR : Jail Build or Damage Build is not bad. It's the players who are jerks and force their playstyle that are bad. If you want to play damage build you should be building and adding damage traps. If you don't add any traps or build anything then you can't start shooting when the mission starts. Specifically in the 160 mission.


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