Don’t you love how BSG decided to have this event at the same time Kappa level requirement has dropped?

This is probably the 4th time in the past 2 days I've died to scav with .366 AP. They gave them raider aimbot and ammo that shreds class 5s. Now if I was a conspiracy theorist I would say it has something to with the Kappa changes. One thing we all have to do unfortunately is get our sniper skill to level 9. There are two ways: the reload a Mosin 1500 times or the shoot scavs in the limbs and then finish them off with a head shot way, which is a bit faster and way less boring than the other method. So again, if I was a conspiracy theorist I would say that these two things aren't a coincidence… BSG knowing that people have to level their sniper skill for the kappa tasks, and they will be running around the map trying to fuck around with scavs, shooting them multiple times, so they make it so that scavs can now have insane aim and ammo that shreds any kind of armor…

I guess I'll be getting most of my stuff back thanks to insurance but still cost me at least a million in loot and I have to keep buying the gear which is very irritating to say the least… I honestly feel like this "event" is pointless, scavs are just as dumb and easy to deal with as before which makes no difference in the gameplay UNLESS you're leveling sniper skill in which case they become a lot more dangerous. This makes me think that it's a deliberate change to target specifically those who want to do that


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