Doomed to Spawn Big Red for Eternity?

There was a post a few days ago about people with faster PCs always spawning Big Red side on Customs. Me and my group of friends were confused as this wipe, we have spawned Big Red 98% of the time we run customs. One early night as we had tasks on Customs, we spawned Big Red corner for 5 hours straight.

Based on the prior posts and discussions on this Sub, it seemed the answer is that we will spawn there every time….

I guess I wanted to reach out to the community and confirm this is the case. Every time , from here on out, for the foreseeable future, since we all have fast PCs (our 4th guy just upgraded), we will spawn trailer park big red?

Is this what other people experience? 100% spawn rate in the same spot?

No chance to go to the factories or old gas first? No chance to be first to dorms, no chance to be first to construction? No chance to be first to new gas for scav boss? This is just our life now?


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