Dota 2 Esports Scene is becoming more shady year by year, while all other big Esports Titles are keeping a distance and do not allow betting sponsors and such.

Explore DOTA 2's heroes and find detailed hero information such as skills, talents, stats, and more

Teams having betting Sponsors that are known for fu*king people over everywhere.

Orgs like WePlay are having Sponsors whose owners are on wanted lists and support child sport betting.

Even guides inside the actual game lead to betting sites.

Where is the limit Valve? Isn't this going way too far? Can we please have some strict rules when it comes to things like this like Riot Games?

This is the official ruleset for Games from Riot:

The Prohibited Sponsor and Advertiser List:

Any other video game, other video game developer, or publisher

Any video game consoles

Any esport or other video game tournament, league, or event

Gambling, sportsbook and casinos

Fantasy esports operators (including daily fantasy)

Any prescription drugs or drugs that are not "over-the-counter" drugs including items such as CBD oils, etc.

Firearms, ammunition or firearm accessories

Pornography or pornographic products

Tobacco products or paraphernalia

Alcohol products (including non-alcoholic beverages marketed by alcohol companies) or other intoxicants the sale or use of which is regulated by applicable law

Sellers of or marketplaces for virtual items known to be counterfeit or illegal

Seller of or marketplaces for goods or services that violate the Riot Games terms of Service

Cryptocurrencies, or any other unregulated financial instruments or markets

Political campaigns or political action committees

Charities that endorse particular religious or political positions, or are not reputable. (Red Cross, American Cancer Society, Stand-Up to Cancer and other similar mainstream charities would be considered reputable)

And we have like…no rules at all i suppose? How can this be after a decade of Dota Esports? This just looks so freaking bad for the game man.


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