Dota 2 future 12 months on from this video – how is it?

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I made a post about a week back with some thoughts, and yeh sure enough eating my words a little bit, thoroughly enjoying myself at the moment but could wear off I dunno yet.

I definately do feel the implementations of all the new heroes feel very weird and óff'but maybe I'll get use to it.

But anyways I jumped ship in 2018 due to reasons mentioned in this video,, but since I don't follow Dota has anything been improved since this video? What good changes has the game/valve done to improve from video below? And if you don't think anything of what was mentioned was flaws then I suggest you take off your rose tinted goggles.

Not I'm not a pro, I'm a forever average to slightly above who has gone from 2.5 to 3.5 but thats not the point but feel like it has to be mentioned because you know.

I am happy to invest time in this game again if someone can tell me the positive changes Valve has done the past 12 months, yeh sure i may come off as entitled. But when you escape the clutches of Dota you don';t want it to leech on to you again for it to be a waste of time since despite me enjoying the changes to Dota (sorta) maybe its a case of so many things changing feels like a new game in 3 years I dunno.

But the video above foretold that Valve has 1-2 TI's before a steady decline, and look at the numbers after 7.30 we under 400k now.

Will I play this game regardless of what you tell me – yes for the time being. For now I see it as a good way to stop vaping. (I vape like a train atm) But to sink money into cool looking skins and stuff is what I'm not sure of if soon we could be looking at 300k players on average.

Which sure if your region is not affected then hey good on you but in Australia it is and I'm playing on SEA servers now, you can only fathom how that is.

I hate to do this as yes its another one of these fun threads which pretty much get ignored.

Tldr; worth to invest or dead game soon


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