Dota 2 is the definition evolution! it’s the most amazing creation of homo sapiens!

Dota2 Mods

We have all seen these posts regarding how bad the community or the game is….the story of the guy uninstalling the game after 17000 hours of playing dota 2… because he has spent more time playing dota than he has spent talking or having any contact to his own species in his entire life!

But for once and all lets put an end to the whole controversy!

Im a 25 years old nerd who searched all my life to find meaning to life to search for things that makes me proud of being a human! i work and spend money into games and movies into having brief moments of joy and happiness with my family and friends!

I love music i love painting i love movies above all!

Games however are the collision of art and science. the evolution of our creations!

I have played over 400 different games in my life! from bioware masterpiece (mass effect), The Witcher trilogy and the last of us i've played any big name you can think of! dishonored? bioshok? max pain? RE series? Fallout and Elder Scrolls? NFS and forza? Assassins creed? all of em!

In august 2017 for the first time in my life i found something beyond any "typical" game… something so complex yet beautiful and addicting… DOTA 2! and 5000 hours since then i have the same feeling i had 4 years ago!

Dota is the evolution of gaming, the perfection of the final art that "we" made to its perfection it is 20 years of small progress and patches made by humans and their passion! it is simply the most complex hobby you can find out there something that you can play for 10 years and still be like a noob and do terrible mistakes! it is the game of fast reaction and group action which is the base foundation of human civilization!

Yes i was a bit late and all but i'm glad i am a part of this conflict… this endless battle of dire and radiant that never ends and repeats itself yet every match is unique to itself and can be remembered in your heads for years! millions of unique actions repeated in the same fucking map! just think about how crazy it is!

Dota 2 is the never ending cycle of this complex art that we humans made and icefrog perfected and we still dont have a fucking clue what it really is!


OH and i forgot about fucking Techies omfg yes sorry fuck this shit!


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