DOTA 2 Overwatch “sentence” and how to appeal it?!

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Recently, I have played some low priority games. Later on I played 3 ranked games and the same situation appeared – I got banned for a week… again(after my investigation I found out that I got exactly 8 reports in last 3 games.– proof, as you can see positive matches 12 and 3 games are reported.

I did not flame anyone, I wasn`t toxic, no pings, no trash talking (unlike my teammates), I did not destroy items , I didn`t go afk, I did literally NOTHING wrong. I just tried my best to do as much as I can to win those games and in a reward I`m getting -1000 behavior, 3 days ban and some LP games.

I tried to contact steam support and they said it is not their business and they can`t help me with my case.

'' Steam Support will gladly assist you with support-related issues. However, this appears to be game-related feedback and is better suited for the Dota development team. Your feedback regarding Overwatch has been noted. ", – steam support`s answer.

5917706245 , 5917612940 , 5917522374 – these are games id`s, ,

ALSO if you don`t have time to open the game or whatever I uploaded them to youtube :, ,

I believe you can check it out if you want.

In summary,

I would like to know what was the game and exact reason of low-priority penalty if it`s possible.

Also to fix such incidents in future I suggest ;

  • to decrease numbers of reports for 1 player a week.
  • provide penalty for those who report players w/o any reasons( so if you report someone just because you want to , you are going to get some penalties ).
  • provide penalties to players who watch replays and always pass guilty verdict , so they will feel some responsibility for their decisions. (On the other hand you may say that n[o]one will watch games cuz there is a possibility of getting penalty and my solution is to motivate players to watch games in some way.. could be role game tokens or idk maybe you give some achievements in their profile or whatever
  • some actions of high pts players could be considered as griefing to avoid such situations I suggest to bring the skill lvl of viewers as close as possible to the suspect player

Thank you everyone for your attention!! GL and Have fun in your games( I`ll w8 untill next week ;D)


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